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How to use a condom

1. How to use a condom - demonstrated with a Banana(Youtube)

2. How to use a condom - demonstrated with a dummy penis(Youtube)

3. A guy actually putting condom on his penis Wikipedia: (To see this video, your browser must support HTML5).


  1. Store the condom in a cool, dark place away from heat and petroleum fumes. These can damage the condom so it is not an effective birth control method.

  2. When you go to use the condom, first check the expiration date. If the condom is expired, crinkly or dry, do not use it! 

  3. If it is within its expiration date, open the condom without using sharp instruments (like scissors) or teeth. Open the package without ripping or tearing the condom.

  4. Apply lubricant to the inside tip of condom, which helps avoid breakage and enhances the pleasure for the male.

  5. Place the condom on the tip of the penis so it will unroll correctly (the condom should unroll outwards).

  6. Lightly squeeze the tip of the condom (to remove air) as you apply the condom to the head of the penis.

  7. Unroll the condom all the way down to the base of the penis. If you put it on the wrong way, so it won’t unroll, take it off and use another condom. Do not try to reuse the unrolled condom. 

  8. Then apply lubricant to the outside of the condom (especially if you are using a nonlubricated condom). This will enhance the female’s pleasure.

  9. Next, make sure the condom is free of rips, tears, holes and air bubbles when you are finished putting on the condom. You can run your hand gently down the penis to do this.

  10. Then check that the condom makes contact with the head of the penis just below the reservoir tip (There should be no more than 1.5cm between the condom and the head of the penis.)

  11. After the male ejaculates (comes) during intercourse, the male should remove his condomed penis from his partner by holding the condom at the base of the penis.

  12. To remove the condom, grasp the condom at the base of the penis and gently rolled off.

    Source for the written instructions.