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Durex Play O

Durex Play O
Price: Rs.650.00
Category: Vibrators/Cock Rings/Clitoris Stimulators/Stimulating Gels
Manufacturer: Durex Condoms
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1. What is Play O?


  • a. Play O is an orgasmic gel for woman. An unscented, water based gel that helps women reach the peaks of pleasure i.e. orgasm with the greatest of ease.
  • b. Its unique combination of ingredients creates a multi-sensational experience and brings the most intense orgasm one has ever experienced. It simultaneously causes blood to rush to the clitoris, making it more sensitive to touch and creates a powerful tingly, warming and cooling sensations.


2. How it works?

The clitoris and surrounding area are the most sensitive part of a woman’s body as it has more than 8000 nerve endings. Play O when applied on the spot causes one to experience an orgasmic rush of heightened sensations. It feels deliciously stimulating and makes the area more responsive to touch and movement.

Once applied, the female partner should start feeling a tingling, warming, and cooling sensation either straight away or within a couple of minutes. The sensations last between five and 20 minutes.

3. How to use

Play O is easy to use. All one need to do is to squeeze a small amount of it onto fingertip and gently massage into clitoris. You will feel a tingling, warming and cooling sensation either immediately or after a couple of minutes. Play O can be used before and during sex. Simply wash off to remove.

4. How much one should apply?


  • a. Play O comes with a detachable pump that dispenses finger tip-quantities of orgasmic gel. Each bottle typically contains 25 applications.
  • b. All one need to do is to squeeze a small amount of it onto fingertip and gently massage into clitoris.
  • c. Play O can be reapplied as often as needed as there’s no danger of using too much.


5. Which are the special ingredients which help in orgasm?

Play O is water based gel containing a unique combination of ingredients each having a different benefit.


  • i. Multisensate & Coolact P- are gentle flavorings which delivers various sensations.. you experience cooling, tingling and warming all at once.
  • ii. L-arginine- helps to enhance the sensations created by the Multisensate and Coolact P...and more sensations and arousal means, more intense and easier to achieve orgasms.


6. How effective is Play O?

Play O is highly effective. When tested with a panel of women , Play O achieved some amazing results


  • i. 79% said they achieved orgasm whilst using Play O
  • ii. 68% said it heightened sensitivity
  • iii. 67% said it provided them with extra stimulation
  • iv. 60% said their orgasm was enhanced


7. Is Play O Gel to be applied inside the vagina?

Play O is not meant to be applied or inserted inside the vagina. Play O is a orgasmic gel and is meant to be massaged gently on the clitoris, situated at the outer surface of the vagina.

8. Can Play O be applied on other erogenous regions of the body?

While Play O can be applied on other erogenous zones of the body, it is meant to be used only on the clitoris for optimum sensations. For other erogenous zones, you can try our exciting range of Durex Play lubes which come in different variants to spice up your foreplay.

9. Can it be easily washed off?

Its water based and hence can be easily washed off. It is also non-Staining hence doesn’t leave any stain

10. What if it mistakenly goes into mouth?

It’s perfectly safe to taste.

11. Do you guarantee that all women who use Play O will achieve an Orgasm?

Everyone’s is different and to achieve orgasm, you need to be in the right frame of mind. However, our scientific and consumer trials show that Play O gives you the best possible chance of having an orgasm.

12. How about Women who don’t orgasm with Play O- have they wasted their money?

No, Play O provides pleasurable feelings so even if orgasm isn’t the end result, we are confident the experience will be an enjoyable one.

13. Can Play O used as lubricant?

Play O is not a lube but can be used in combination with any of the lubes in the play range. We know that consumers buy our products for a variety of reasons and we meet that demand with as wide a range of products as possible.

14. Can it be used by men also?

No, it’s mean to be used by women.

15. Why do I need Orgasm?

Orgasms are good for you. It’s a feeling of wonderful release, peace and satisfaction. A state of utter bliss, exhilarating and intense. As well as feeling pretty amazing, orgasms are good for us as it boosts levels of estrogen which improves the mood. It also triggers the release of endorphins- our body’s happy hormones. And if that weren’t enough, they are also great for releasing tension and reducing stress-related illness. We know from our intense research into sexual wellbeing that people who are sexually satisfied also tend to be happier and healthier too. The more we orgasm, the more we find sex satisfying and being satisfied with our sex life makes us feel better all round.

16. Why Durex has brought Play O?


  • a. For more than 80 years, Durex has been researching and developing sexual wellbeing. In fact, sexual wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do, think and produce
  • b. We believe that amazing orgasms should be everyone’s to enjoy- because they are good for our health and wellbeing. So whether you are having pretty great ones already or need a little helping hand, Play O is your perfect partner.
  • c. Play O supports our brand values and positioning because it increases sexual satisfaction and wellbeing.

17. Is Play O contraceptive for women? Does Play O helps in avoiding Pregnancy? Is Play O spermicidal?

Play O is neither a contraceptive nor does it helps in avoiding pregnancy in any way. Play O also doesn’t have any spermicidal properties. So, if you intend to avoid pregnancy please use suitable contraceptive measures.

18. Can Durex Play O be used along with condoms or other contraception?

Yes. Play O can be safely used with any other contraception and is perfectly safe to use with condoms. Even with female condoms, Play O is as effective.

19. Are there any side effects?


  • a. Durex Play O is perfectly safe to use. Play O is the only gel of its kind not to use Menthol, so it not only effective, but also gentle and kind to the most delicate areas of your body. It is water based, non-irritant, pH balanced and safe to taste.
  • b. Rest assured when you are dealing with Durex- World’s leading authority in Sexual wellbeing. Durex products don’t just meet worldwide quality standards, they exceed them. May be that’s why millions of people across the world trust Durex every day.
  • c. However, in spite of it being very safe, if it happens to cause irritation or burning sensation when applied, it might be because of some skin pre condition like injury etc., please discontinue its use.
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